Family/Friends Sponsorship Opportunity

Here’s a great way for family members and friends of NHL-drafted players to show some love to a former NHL draft pick on


When visitors view your sponsored player’s page, they will see your message for up to a full year from the time you purchase your $1.99 sponsorship.  If your sponsorship banner reaches its maximum of 1,000 unique views before the one-year term ends, you’ll have the right-of-first-refusal to renew.


View the sample image here. You will choose your own message of up to 25 words, as well as a photo (63 x 90 pixels), and one signature line.

You can customize your message here

You can customize the message displayed here

All messages are subject to approval and must not contain inappropriate content. Clearly inappropriate content — such as profane language, disparaging language, or references or links to pornographic, spam, or malware sites — will be rejected without refund of your sponsorship fee.


If you have any question as to whether your content is acceptable, please e-mail it to before filling out the form below.


To supply your own custom banner (300 x 250 pixels), please e-mail it to If the banner is approved, you will receive a link to another page where you can make your purchase.


If your content is deemed appropriate, your banner will be created and displayed on the selected player’s page within 24 hours of your purchase.

Family/Friends Sponsorship Form